LoreHound Crier: Week of 7/20 In a Glance

This week is slow as I wake up… due to various happenings, my schedule is almost reversed this week and I’m finding myself eating breakfast at 2 in the afternoon. I’ve never minded being a night owl, but it is sad that I’ve been missing my gaming buddies all week and having to play it solo.

It’s another week that heralds both a death and a birth. It seems as though there’s been quite a few server shutdowns lately, I wonder is it an over-saturated market or just bad games? Either way, it still makes me sad. Every game, no matter how bad it is, has someone, usually someones, who worked hard to try and bring it into the world, and I’ve never seen a game that didn’t have at least one person who enjoyed it. I’ll kill a few zombies in TSW in honor of this week’s dying game.

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  • Good news first! iTZKooPA announced Drakensang Online has gone live. It’s an entertaining little timefiller, I play it now and again when the servers for my full time games are down.
  • And what’s better than a giveaway? Mike gave the details on a Global Agenda booster giveaway.
  • Heartbourne reported on the Starcraft 2 World Championship Series. Good luck to everyone competing!
  • Heartbourne found an amusing video featuring WoW bosses on YouTube. Jace Hall’s Official I Play WoW Redux.
  • Heartbourne also took a look at Mists of Panderia Pet Battles! This new feature is live on the WoW test servers. Pokethulhu, I choose you?
  • Also on the Blizzard front, Heartbourne had the details for Athene’s attempt to raise 400 billion gold in Diablo 3 to sell for charity. Playing games for charity, I can get behind that.
  • Turbine is busy unrolling new content for its two darlings. iTZKooPA had new info on the Turbine unboxing to celebrate the launch of the Riders of Rohan closed beta, and two upcoming dungeons for Dungeons and Dragons Online’s upcoming expansion Menace of the Underdark.
  • All good things must come to an end. iTZKooPA reported the impending death of Ninety Nine Nights Online. Rest in peace, NNNO.
  • Still hungry for GW2 and looking for some player killing action? Mike plugged GW2Versus, a new forum devoted to PvP in GW2.
  • iTZKooPA had the scoop on yet another SMITE deity reveal. Check out the video about Bakasura the Great Devourer.
  • If giant robots gets your interest, Heartbourne had you covered with info about the newest mech revealed for MechWarrior Online –  the centurion.
  • iTZKooPA discussed another change in design for World of Warplanes – Expert Mode!
  • I just adore closed betas. No matter how much I love a game, I always love its closed beta more than its release game. So it was cool to see iTZKooPA give us the skinny on the End of Nations closed beta tease.  Go on, check it out!
  • Given all the layoffs at Bioware, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Heartbourne reported that swtor‘s executive producer Rich Vogel will be leaving. Good luck to him! I think of sandboxes when I think of him, and it’d be great to see more!
  • Star Trek Online contines to be improved. iTZKooPA told us about season 6; Under Siege, a patch that is all about Fleets.
  • I kicked off the first of my new weekly series about addons for The Secret World with a look at Viper’s Deck Manager! It’s the first on my hopefully long list of addons I can’t live without.
  • iTZKooPA revealed some screenshots for RIFT‘s upcoming expansion Storm Legion. I have to say, I didn’t much care for RIFT when I played the beta, but I continue to be impressed with their content productivity! This should be the standard for all MMOs!
  • I’m a big fan of old EQ. A lot has been lost in the general move toward more casual friendly games, so when iTZKooPA reported the subscription sale for EQ, DCUO, and EQ2, I’ll admit I was tempted.
  • Mike told us about DayZ, an Arma2 mod. It definitely looks like it’s worth giving a try!
And that’s it for this week! See you all in seven days for the next!



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