BioWare Rewarding Players for Free Character Transfers

What, I love animals...

BioWare is now rewarding players for transferring characters to qualified servers for free. Clearly a marketing ploy to help with the balance issue, but hey, as long as the marketing is rewarding paying subscribers who are we to be cynical? Oh, right.

Transferred characters are being rewarded with my Achilles heel; an incredibly cute in-game pet, the Gannifari. Oh, and I guess those people that want stuff that actually matter will enjoy the 25 Black  Hole Commendations to purchase high-level gear, or something. Whatever, look at the  Gannifari. How can you resist those eyes?!

Players can see if they qualify at the transfer page. Aside from selecting an appropriate server, accounts must be active by July 30 and not banned, obviously. Rewards will be mailed out at the close of August 7.