Blizzard Entertainment Offering Second Run of Mist of Pandaria Collector’s Editions

In an incredibly rare move, Blizzard Entertainment announced moments ago that the company will be selling off additional Collector’s Editions of the latest World of Warcraft expansion. The company announced on its official blog that players can grab one of the few remaining copies of the CE from the Blizzard Store on a first-come, first-served basis.

@Warcraft WTS MoP CE $69.99

The physical Collector’s Edition includes everything in the Digital Deluxe version and then some. The exclusive art book, behind-the-scenes DVD, soundtrack and mouse pad are all packed in with the codes for in-game goodies.

Blizzard Entertainment did not detail why there are extra copies in the warehouse, but one could easily summarize that the physical CE didn’t sell as well as the company projected.


  1. Actually, this says more about how much Mists of Pandaria under-performed for launch than Blizzard anticipated, Mark.
    These are leftover copies from September, not new ones that were made to be sold. Which means they expected more sales of the physical collector’s edition than actually happened – showing the trend of people not being interested in the coming direction of World of Warcraft.

  2. That’s just one possibility, Mordil. The OP didn’t take the thought through to every possibility. Perhaps the company just pushed the digital version way harder this time but didn’t reduce the production run on the physical CE figuring that it’s always sold out in the past in moments.

  3. That’s also very true. I & my wife bought the digital one because we get the mount, which is why a lot of people do end up buying the physical CE anyway.
    (Some, like me, actually also want what else is in the box – I just didn’t have the money this time around for the physical version.)
    There’s also the fact that they still haven’t gotten a solid grip on execution – there’s been so much confusion since Wrath’s launch with my local GameStop if they’re going to do a midnight release, or if they’ll even have copies of the physical CE…

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