BioWare Dates SWTOR Next Two Content Patches

This is certainly a trend that gamers would like to get used to. BioWare Entertainment announced the dates for not one, but two upcoming patches for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sure, the patches are to be enormous events, but advance notice of a secondary version number should be acceptable by all. Community Manager Eric Musco has dated Game Update v2.1 for a concrete May 14. Game Update v2.2 is a bit more tentative, with a June 11 date.

The community has been a bit antsy with Game Update v2.1 due to the perception that it’s “wasting a slot” in the content cycle. The update is to focus on customization aspects, not most people’s idea of core content. In fact, this bad boy is labeled as an “all Cartel Market” update. Despite this, the community’s expectation of an eight week cycle for new content should hold true. The tentative June 11 date for GU v2.2 puts that content-heavy release just over eight weeks since the release of Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

Unfortunately, Musco still can’t detail exactly what is scheduled for GU v2.2. Players will have to just wait a little longer.