BlizzCon 2010: Jay Mohr Brings The Funny (Video)

The great thing about securing a press badge isn’t that you get the greatest seat, we’re placed off-center, but that you don’t get trampled while attempting to secure a place for your posterior. The entire Lore Hound crew plopped down with roughly 30,000 other gamers to enjoy Jay Mohr as the Master of Ceremonies for the fourth time running.

Mohr opened the contest panel with a 15-minute nerd-friendly, kid-unfriendly (NSFW due to swearing) routine. He covered everything from the 25th anniversary of the NES, Final Fantasy, and the realism of Assassin’s Creed. Even cheap pops and cat calls for Walken were addressed in hilarious fashion.

Take a gander, the video above contains every hilarious moment.


  1. Hilarious? About 700 people wanted to bum rush his ass outside for teasing at the new “Sneak peek” at there next so called game.

    Oh well. Dying is easy but comedy…can make it easier. :P

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