Rift: Planes of Telara Introduces Three New Classes

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Yes, dear avid gamers, Trion Worlds keeps driving the unstoppable train, bringing it to turn-Rift: Planes of Telara-into-the-next-major-hit-in-the-MMO-market station.

Today, RPOT presents three new classes: the Justicar, the Stormcaller and the Warlord. Not only a new class but three. As if the hype generated by this upcoming MMO was not enough. I can practically see lots of fans browsing the internet, looking for news about the new classes… don’t worry, we’ll tell you all here, on MMOCrunch.


This class comes to fill a classic and basic role in every MMO, the healer. Justicars are healing clerics that fight along their allies in close combat. Like in (R.I.P.) The Chronicles of Spellborn, these healers depend on their melee damage dealt, so they can survive and heal in close combat, in fact, looks like they’re going to need it. Could be a bit messy not to reach melee if you want to heal your allies, playing this class.

“Many preach their vision of the gods. They speak of love, and health, and happiness. I am here to tell you the truth of the world. Anything good must be fought for. You must stand toe-to-toe with your demons and crush them. Only then will the gods bless you.”


Surely, this class is one of the damage dealers in RPOT. Using Water and Air magic, Stormcallers cast powerful spells, devastating their enemies. This class looks like the classic spellcaster, doing lots of damage from range distance. But beware, cause Stormcallers need time to cast their spells, combining several powers in a rotation that could be interrupted.

”Should you feel a chill in your bones, or an electric current in the air, you may want to run very far, very fast. You can no more hide from my lightning than block hoarfrost with a shield.”


This is a tactical class, using its abilities to empower the group and weaken the enemies. Warlords seem to be a group supporting class, could be the buffer of RPOT. With  their allies near, Warlords are powerful, but they should beware of facing enemies alone, that is not their strength.

“I know the battlefield like my own soul. Stand beside me, trust in my guidance, and I will never let you fall.”

This last addition to Rift: Planes of Telara, in the form of new classes, seems not to bring anything really new to the genre. Anyway, when we see how to play them, then we would find out they are different in the end, from other classes in other MMOs, playing the same roles. I can’t wait to post about it, when I get my hands on this game.