BlizzCon 2015: League of Explorers First Impression

League of Explorers Key ArtThis is a particularly odd first impression due to its incredibly short lifespan. Blizzard announced League of Explorers, the upcoming third Solo Adventure to the 40 million plus strong Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a mere six days before it plans on releasing the damn thing. To top it off, a mere two hours later the company decided to unveil all 45 cards that’ll unlock from your romp across Azeroth after the Staff of Origination during the ensuing Hearthstone-focused panel.

What does that leave me? Plenty, as it turn out.

League of Explorers is unlike any Solo Adventure we’ve played before. We’re not chumming it up with Nefarian against Ragnaros in Blackrock Mountain. We’re most assuredly not stalking Mr. Bigglesworth is the Curse of Naxxramas. The Hearthstone team has stepped outside raids and dungeons to form a narrative around some new, and not so new, characters of Warcraft. Led by none other than Brann Bronzebeard, the League of Explorers includes Reno Jackson, Elise Starseeker and Sir Finely Mrrgglton to round out the team. Together with your help the squad of artifact seekers will travel through such landmarks as the Temple of Osiris, Uldaman, and the Hall of Explorers.

The BlizzCon demo of Temple Run, just one of twelve tasks the League must overcome, focused on the rather loose morals of Reno Jackson. He spouted his brand of bravado as we ran for our lives against an increasingly challenging scripted event. More unique is the complete lack of an enemy. The design team flips the all-new game board on its head by removing an enemy. With no opponent to chip away at how does one win? You survive. That’s it. Live through the obstacles until you reach the end of the Temple and live to explore some more. But watch out for those obstacles, normally increasingly difficult minions, traps and more. The new Discover mechanic allowing you to peruse valid cards for your deck and select one will be invaluable. And mess with the meta. Again.

To further explain the mechanics behind League of Explorers we uploaded a full match for you to digest.

Before we go you’ll want to make yourself familiar with the pertinent details. Coming November 12, 2015, the League of Explorers will slowly unlock like the Solo Adventures before it. Players can opt for a one-time $19.99 purchase or grab the wings individually for 700 gold or $6.99. Heroic and class challenges come as part of the pack, the former unlocking a themed card back for the skillful.