BlizzCon 2015: Excitement, or Lack Thereof

lh_blizzcon_2015_goodie_bagLet me start of with this, I know I’ll have an incredible time at BlizzCon 2015. I’ve covered the company, and the convention, long enough to know it’ll be a good show. With my time, the damage to my liver, and my money. The community ensures it regardless of the somewhat thankless effort the company itself puts into two days of self indulgence. That undeniable fact, one that had my fiancĂ©, Shaktaji, demand I attend despite our wedding being two weeks later, isn’t why I’m here. It’s because I’m a pessimist. I’ve disconnected myself from Warlords of Draenor for months. In all honesty, I’ve been disenfranchised with World of Warcraft since Cataclysm. Chasing the dragon like so many others. StarCraft II lost my affection for no reason I can adequately articulate. Despite my affection for Marvel Heroes, the Diablo franchise has never had it. Hearthstone has Shaktaji on lock down like nothing I’ve ever seen. I figure one victim per family is enough. Heroes of the Storm is all that’s been able to routinely intrude upon my MOBA time with SMITE. Yet the attention it receives fluctuates often putting me dangerously close to falling behind the MOBA curve.

This apathy, disconnection, dastardly thought of unsubscribing, locking down the wallet, potentially not purchasing a Blizzard Collector’s Edition is why the upcoming Hearthstone interview could be seen as foreign. I won’t focus on the talking points. I won’t ask the easy questions – we rarely do, to be honest. I won’t fluff. And that may mean we’ll have nothing interesting to post, shutdown by the PR & Marketing overlords. Yet it’ll be posted. Hopefully it will mean we’ve an amazing discussion to showcase. Regardless the outcome, better than 3,000 unboxings of PIP Boys either way, right?

Hyperbole aside, conventions like BlizzCon are nerdgasims. I implore you to attend. I fully expect this one to pull me back into the fold. The surprise at exactly how Blizzard will pull that off interests me greatly. Maybe it’ll be the movie trailer, my high school self giddy over Linkin Park or our own content – the interviews we throw up on YouTube – that returns me to the fold. I’ll let you know next week.