BlizzCon: Opening Ceremony Reactions


There are few things in gamedom that quite match the anticipation, the build up, the excitement of a BlizzCon Opening Ceremony. The other conventions we cover can’t compete because they’re all encompassing. At BlizzCon, a 25,000 strong audience is there for one reason, Blizzard Entertainment. Many game journalist and fans alike weren’t sure what Blizzard was going to announce. What would anchor the show? A new game seemed highly unlikely, but some held out for Diablo IV. Others figured a massive dump of small updates for each universe could carry the show.

What we got was an intriguing mix anchored by the reveal of the Overwatch League. Seriously, if Blizzard can pull that off, a league with the depth of the MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, etc. it will change the very way eSports is viewed, played and respected. What did the BlizzCon attendees think about this year’s Opening Ceremony? We’ve got that after the cut.