Broken Silence, the First Expansion for RaiderZ, Coming April 3

In just a scant few days the first expansion for the monster hunting MMORPG RaiderZ will go live. Come April 3, MAIET Entertainment and Perfect World Entertainment will expand the adventures of Rendel to appease the free-to-play games growing fanbase. Only revealed on February 1, PWE has kept details of the Broken Silence expansion close to its chest. It wasn’t until early March that the company unleashed its first press blast, including the official trailer.

RaiderZ: Broken Silence will increase the level cap to level 40, unlock additional unique boss battles in the new zone of Cowen Marsh complete with delectable armor and weapon drops. Outside core content, the South Korean developer has added a few features, including a new PvP Battle Arena and much needed improvements to the party matching system.

Considering partying is so ingrained in the title’s design, the overhaul to the matchmaking is the best feature of Broken Silence in this blogger’s humble opinion.

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