Exclusive Interview: The Four Pillars of Wildstar (Hopeful) Success

Game designers set out to make titles that captivate an audience. These creative professional do not have a single tool to use. They’ve a toolbox. A title’s design can captivate an audience through a multitude of ways. Gameplay, story, challenge, a breadth of content or depth of an experience, immersion, voice, agenda, these are just some of the mechanisms wielded by the creative brains behind the escapisms we enjoy.

For Wildstar, the upcoming MMORPG from Carbine Studios, there are four unique pillars. Steadfast features that the title has been built upon and around. The foundation to the title. Customization, including the incredibly deep player housing system, the Path system – not to be confused with professions, the tone of the title, such as the tongue-in-cheek re-reveal trailer and Carbine’s endgame content system known as the Elder Games.

Each pillar is discussed in great length in our first interview with Chad Moore, the Lead Narrative Designer for Wildstar. Check it out after the cut.

Also discussed, the planned business model behind Wildstar.