Captain Obvious: TERA F2P Option Increases Playerbase

What’s that? IGN is claiming that TERA, the action-oriented MMORPG from En Masse Entertainment, has seen its playerbase drastically increase since introducing a free-to-play option? No, really?! Color me shocked!

After making the move to the increasingly popular freemium model in early February, TERA has gathered quite a following. It shouldn’t come as a shock to many, as the game featured incredibly enjoyable boss battles, computer-crushing graphics, a healthy amount of new content and all the features and gameplay elements gamers have come to expect from a AAA MMORPG. However, the subscription model just didn’t sit with so many gamers, especially with the consistent complaint of being a grindfest in today’s age of casual-friendly titles.

With the paywall removed and no monthly subscription required everyone interested was free to dabble in the world of Arborea. This caused an influx of over 500,000 accounts, bringing the total to over 1 million registered users and the addition of six new servers by publisher Gameforge.

The Elder Scrolls Online is the only major release coming out not firmly in bed with F2P, while Square Enix believes the relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV can demand a subscription in today’s crowded and F2P friendly market.

Granted, there was no mention of revenue increase or increased profit margins, so time will tell if TERA’s change is another feather in the F2P cap or a sign of its decline.

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