Neverwinter Gives the Control Wizard its Just Desserts (Trailer)

Ice beam.

“Hey, Pherephassa.” I ask.

“Yeah, iTZKooPA?” she responds.

“I’m a control freak. Is that weird?” I confessed.

“Why, heavens no. In fact, this game Neverwinter I’ve been playing has an entire class dedicated to the task. You should give it a whirl.” she informed.

And so I did. I did for over two hours during last weekend’s second beta event for Neverwinter. While I may not have been a huge fan of the DPS class with some crowd control abilities, it was a radically different play style than the Trickster Rogue I played week one. Change is good. I can only imagine how diverse that means Cryptic Studios has made the Guardian Fighter, Devoted Cleric and Great Weapon Fighter.

The Control Wizard is the master of the Arcane. Capable of wielding this field of magic for destructive and support purposes, a control wizard is a dangerous foe and powerful enemy in the lands of Neverwinter. The other classes can keep the party alive and end of foes life, but a skilled control wizard can keep such creatures from ever landing a blow.

Hit the jump for the latest class montage and a collection of wizardy screenshots.


  1. I mostly liked playing a wizard on the last beta weekend, though I do think the default poster/stance looks silly, especially when you’re not in combat. I hope Cryptic will give us options for stances in the final release. Anyway, I think in the final beta I’m going to try a Rogue and name her Lilliana, as in Lilliana’s Song from Dragon Age: Origins: :)

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