1. Dangit!

    I was just about to right up a post for it.

    That’ll teach me to play STO instead of writing for the site…

    Anyway. It really does look like Blizzard is upping the epic scale with Deathwing. We just may see him as big as I want.

    Kudos to you, Blizzard Cinematic Team, for yet another freaking awesome cinematic.

    Now for the WoW movie…

  2. Possibly the best cinematic put out by Blizzard ever! Deathwing’s voice is awesome, the whole lead-up to his “escape” is just epic and let you, in a way, understand his madness.

    I want!!!!

  3. Watched it again for the 5-6th time and it still gives me a tingle in my plate armor. Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, I can’t wait!

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