Know Thy Blogger, Part I: Mordil

There are many things that can become tragedies in one’s life. In this Know Thy Blogger, I shall go more in depth of my experiences outside of gaming rather than my history, as something that shall effect the rest of my life just happened.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. From midnight to 3 AM reports were made of explosions and concussion waves being heard across town. At 3 AM the local Fire Departments from three towns around us were summoned to tackle the fire that engulfed the entire building in around 3 hours.

Last Sunday, my mother found a make-shift Molotov Cocktail that had failed to be thrown into the building, and now this has happened. For months, people’s cars have been broken into during church sessions, and members who live nearby the building have had their cars broken into right outside of their homes (my mother’s was, and her scriptures were taken).

ATF gave their verdict of arson later that afternoon.

I was born a member, but did not move up to where I live now until around 4 years ago. I spent at least one day out of every week (Sunday, of course) in this building.

It was my sanctuary from the problems of teenage life, and more importantly my parents’ divorce. I was able to deal with many struggles because of this humble building.

In sharing this, I hope my readers understand the spiritual nature I contain within myself. I ask for support. My memories have become just that as the shell of the building is all that remains.

Do not be shy to comment on the subject, but please. Be respectful, and above all, do not hate.

Here are the photos of the fire and aftermath:


  1. Words cannot offer consolation for what must be devastating for you and your congregation. You are in my thoughts, and my prayers. Good Luck.

  2. May Gaia blees your sacred grounds. From the ashes of destruction arise the beacon of hope. I hope you accept a simple prayer from a true Druid.

  3. I don’t wanna hate, but there’s nothing that drive’s me more than people who can’t learn to respect one another religion. (as long as the religion doesn’t hurt others of course)

    A shameless hate crime and I hope they get what they deserve.

    Still, I’m sorry to hear about everything as well. I’m not too much a religious person myself, but I like to keep an open mind to such thing’s.

  4. Thank you, everyone.

    We’re recuperating. The hardest part is relocating and rescheduling all our events.

    It truly is sad that people have such mad intolerance these days, and resort to such things.

    Interestingly enough, a $10,000 reward is given to those who have info leading to a conviction.


    It was more applied to as towards the LDS faith, such as ever since the organization in 1836, we’ve been under heavy persecution.

    Nonetheless, forgiveness is a tough lesson to learn.

  5. My deepest condolences for the loss of such a valued personal shelter.

    This just goes to show that in every society there are the uneducated few who believe that violence is the only way to get their point across about someone or something they deemed too different to be normal.

    I hope the police and the ATF catch the intelligence deficient morons who thought this fire would make them heroes. If anything it has branded them as pariahs.

    I hope this building can be rebuilt to continue to offer the solace it offered you to others as well.

  6. As an athiest, I can not supply much in the way of spiritual support. But as a human being, I hold deep concern for you and your family, and the congregation. Nobody should have to live through something like that.

    I send you my best wishes, and hope that things can be put back to rights in the quickest, safest way possible.

  7. My deepest prayers for you and your family (both blood and church) Mord. I’ll be praying they catch the scumbag(s) that did this and hopefully do what’s right. Dear Lord, it’s things like this that put a lot of things in perspective, isn’t it?

  8. As another Atheist I’m glad that no one was in the building when it was attacked. You just gotta keep your head up and remember that it was just a building, yes it had memories, but it was only a building.

  9. My heartfelt condolences to you, your family and congregation at this difficult time Mordil.

    I completley fail to see what the point was behind this attack. I respect that different people believe different things, and that as long as nobody is getting hurt due to those beliefs, all should be good.
    There will always be a minority of asshats who think people should believe as they do and everyone else should suffer if they don’t.

    Thinking of you and yours, and hoping things get sorted soon, on all fronts.

  10. I offer my condolences as well. It was mentioned during Elder’s Quorum yesterday, and we were rather surprised. Church buildings were often burglarized or otherwise damaged in the Dominican Republic while I lived there (on my mission), but you don’t expect it to happen so close to home…

  11. Indeed, we do seem to be few and far between in the gaming world.

    Anyway, I didn’t know about this site until I ate dinner with iTZKooPA and a bunch of people from WB Games after PAX… you can’t eat dinner with a gaming blogger and not add his site to your RSS reader :)

  12. It was Saturday night of PAX Prime.

    I went to PAX on WB’s dime, but next year I’m buying passes well in advance (maybe get my wife to go) and hopefully I’ll get some friends from Utah to fly out for it too… as it turns out, PAX isn’t particularly fun if you’re there basically by yourself most of the time.

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