Square-Enix Extends FFXIV Trial Period

For subscription-based MMOs, it has always been customary to provide players with a free month upon purchase of the game, but extending that offer is often an early sign of trouble. Sometimes it’s only a few days, perhaps a couple of weeks. We’ve all suffered from the woes of a lag-filled launch, and it’s nice when the developers extend an olive branch to players that feel as though they’ve had their time wasted. But Square-Enix is going a step further, straight up doubling the trial period by adding an extra month for those who register their accounts and characters by October 25th.

Free Trial Extension Details

– Eligibility
Only customers who have registered FINAL FANTASY XIV service account and purchased a character by Oct. 25, 2010 will be eligible for the extension of the free trial period. Customers purchasing their first character after that date will be entitled to the standard 30 day free trial period only.

* Character purchase must be done by 23:59 (GMT) on Oct. 25, 2010 / 00:59 BST on Oct.26, 2010.
* Accounts that have been terminated due to violation of the User Agreement are not eligible.
* If multiple service accounts are registered, all service accounts will be eligible.

– Extended Period
The free trial period will be extended by 30 Days (By combining with the initial free trial period, the total will be 60 days.)

This offer, combined with a patch that dropped the same day and the slip-shod state of the game right now¬†has predictably made some players feel like they’re still participating in the beta. While you can hardly blame them, at least Square-Enix is trying to make things right. But initial reviews, and community discontent, have cast such a dark cloud of the land of Eorzea, it makes you wonder if it’s even possible to clear the skies at this point.


  1. It really is a shame, but I can see FFXIV going the same way as APB. At least on the EU/US realms- I’m not sure if the Japanese and other Eastern countries’ receptions have been any better.

  2. unless it picks up and start’s working for consoles that Don’t involve tech built last month, this probably won’t end pretty. Still, there fan base…never mind.

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