Celebrating the Holidays in Star Trek Online (Seasonal Event)

And it begins. Like the Halloween season a few months before it, the encroaching swath of religious holidays means that makers of massive multiplayer online games are launching their respective celebrations. First to post details and begin its event – at least that I discovered earlier today – is how we’ll be celebrating the holiday season while traversing the stars. Star Trek Online and its updated ‘Q’s Winter Wonderland’ will begin Thursday, December 6 around 10:00 AM (likely PST, but unreported as of press).

Q’s Winter Wonderland will run until January 14, 2013 also around 10:00 AM.

The developers in charge of seasonal affairs has created a new gazebo for players to celebrate, mingle and shop from. Players can follow new signs for special events or simply head out into the snow to explore. But be warned, you’ll need to warm up your throwing arm for an almost guaranteed snowball fight. Q has concocted a new endurance-style race that will award first thru third with special rewards and “a token award” for all finishers. The prize, new epohh tags to breed winter epohhs.

All winter activities remain as part of Q’s Winter Wonderland 2012. Hit the jump for all the teaser screenshots.

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  1. None one cares. This game is sh&t, and has been ever since its’ launch. Only losers play it since anyone that is an mmo fan or star trek fan left within a month if its’ launch, which is why it is free-to-play with an iconic star trek moniker.

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