PlanetSide 2 Sticking with Hardcore PvP, No NPCs Incoming

Time for a walkabout.

Back in August 2012, Sony Online Entertainment’s CEO John Smedley laid out the long-term plans for PlanetSide 2. Months ahead of the title’s release, Smedley discussed a wide variety of features that were in the early stages of development and were scheduled for post launch. Player-run bases, massive bodies of water to go along with the immense scope of the maps, dynamic and localized weather and NPCs.

Yeah, in the summer non-player characters were on the drawing board. After a bit of a hullabaloo over the weekend, Smedley popped out to address the resurgence of the six-month old plan. He told Massively “A lot of it is still being considered. We are going to tell the community about our longer term plan and let them have a very big say in where we go.”

We’ve already seen PlanetSide 2 modified at the request of players. But what about those entirely non-hardcore NPCs? “NPCs aren’t on the table for a long time, if ever,” Smedley added.


  1. Ok, sorry.

    Hardcore PvP in mmos, involves looting (see Eve Online, Dark Fall, old Ultima Online, Asherons Call – Darktide). That doesn’t mean that the PvP is bad in PS 2, just that not is not hardcore, its a fast fps shooter with some persistent elements that change too often for its own sake. Also hardcore its a silly word.

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