Champions Online Tops 3.5 Million Characters, Celebrates Third Year of Operation with New Event

It’s hard to believe that Champions Online came out three years ago. Not only because it makes me feel old, but because of the tumultuous ride the title has gone through. A too-early launch thanks to publisher Atari led to a lack of polished content, yet a smooth release technologywise.

The move left a sour taste in many a player’s mouth, mine included, which Cryptic Studios routinely replaced with sweetness. The company kept at it, adding in more and more enticing content before the big shift to the F2P model under new owner Perfect World Entertainment. The largely positive momentum has only continued and today that means 1.7 million players have created  over 3.5 million Champions.

And the world will need every single one of those Champions because Dr. Destroyer and his army of Destroid robots have already begun rampaging Millenium City. Starting Saturday, September 22 the Mega-Destroid bots will break through to the city center, putting civilians and heroes at risk.

Be sure to jump online pronto to help defend the city and collect your anniversary gifts, including Legacy health armor and vanity pets. Hit the jump to entice your eyeballs with the pixelated pleasures of three years of CO.


  1. they got that many players because its free and because CoX is shutting down. broken pvp, broken missions, broken costumes parts, ignoring bugs so they can push out cheap alerts, no new endgame content since vibora bay from two years ago, griefers abusing the chat report system to mute anyone they want for 24 hours, the list goes on. games a joke, its only got two things going for it: its free and its free.

  2. CO as well as DCUO will be seeing a large influx of players due to the untimely death of CoX, doesn’t mean either are good.

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