Anniversaries Abound: Warhammer Online Turns Four, Has Own Party

Wow, a lot of games really do get released after the summer. Unlike their console brethren many MMOGs get better with age, thus the assortment of anniversary celebrations currently going on. Everything from superhero to fantasy MMORPGs are marking off the years or substantial monthly milestones. Now Wahammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the MMOG so many expect to go F2P at any moment (for the past three years), is turning four!

To celebrate the anniversary of its dark fantasy title, EA Mythic unleashed 10 days of bonus XP and RP on all players yesterday. In addition, those that have been with the PvP-focused title for the long haul can enjoy an all-new portable mailbox.

Anniversaries are hunky dory, but the future is what truly matters for most players. To that end, EA Mythic took the time out to remind players that patch v1.4.7 is on target for release at the end of the month once the Wild Hunt completes.

Not the biggest party we’ve heard of, but bonus XP and RP is more XP and RP than we’d have any other day.

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