WoWFlix: I Am Forsaken (Blizzcon 2010 Second Place)

Before reading on, I highly suggest watching the video.

During the Blizzcon 2010 livestream, this video really caught my eye. It grabbed second place in the machinima contest. It’s the work of several contributors, with an original soundtrack, voice acting, and brilliant editing. The machinima itself was created and edited by Gary “Redeye” Lobine, the same editor behind other popular machinima, such as “Honor Killz“.

Without question, this was my favorite machinima from Blizzcon and one of my favorite WoW machinima I’ve seen. I really didn’t see the ending coming (I didn’t see the title during the Blizzcon stream) and it does a great job of setting up the background of a Forsaken that is believable and compelling. The animation is amazing, with the eye effect carrying over from the monocle and Sylvanas flashing a dark glance with a val’kyr outside of the Greymane Wall. It is a chilling video to prepare us for the upcoming onslaught of Gilneas in Cataclysm and should invigorate Forsaken roleplayers the world over.

The story of a Gilnean apothecary who loses everything he had. Moving to Lordaeron for a fresh start, Luscieus Grayson finds himself within the walls of the famed Capital City during its final moments. Family, love, and life; all cherished possessions he once held close to his heart, cherished possessions that are nothing more than a mere memory.

Edited by: Gary Lobine
Music by: Walid Feghali
Written by: Jesse O’Conner


  1. And your opinion is shared by me also Barugaara. :)
    Although it did end a little abrupty for my liking.

  2. In my opinion they should’ve won.

    When I saw this I almost slipped and yelled “I am Forsaken!” and “For the Horde!”

    This, coupled with the Dwarven dance competitor, I think I’ve been convinced to roll some new characters come Cataclysm.

  3. To paraphrase Chester A. Bum:

    OHHH my God! This is the greatest video I’ve ever seen in my life!

    Seriously though, that was frackin’ awesome.

  4. The first place winner won some favor at blizzcon for being better quality. Which is a little cheap, I mean we don’t judge wow by it’s. (clearly)

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