DCUO Shows More Combat Pics

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Sometimes, I think of the power progression in MMORPGs. Certainly, managing the player’s power progression is a difficult thing that could even ruin the game’s balance. We play a bunch of hours a week, getting our characters to be more and more powerful in time until, compared to players, NPCs are weaker than the almighty tide of avid gamers wanting to reach the top.

So, have you ever thought how is this going to be managed in DC Universe Online? Will villain players be able to raid a superhero icon like, let’s say, Batman? I wonder if, after playing for years and the game is full of maximun level players with the best gear possible, those poor NPCs¬† would stand a chance.

While you think of this, check out the last batch of screenshots SOE has released for DCUO, showing nice places and, of course, more combat between player characters and NPCs.