Dead Island: Epidemic Gets Iterative in Beta

The development of MMOGs is not a cheap, quick ordeal. Just ask the folks at Trion Worlds and the development hell that is becoming End of Nations. Meanwhile, the MOBA genre has seen an explosion of interest during the decline of its cousin. Dead Island: Epidemic, the MOBA version of the zombie-filled indie darling Dead Island is one of those titles.

The team at Deep Silver is going to great lengths to ensure that battles are fun, balanced and eventful. To ensure this happens for live players, the company is taking beta testing down an interesting road. Beginning later this week, DI:E, which this blogger just realized spells die, will begin Weapons Weekly.

For the next three weeks players will see their progress reset and begun anew. Week one will focus on feedback for a Workbench level 4, (crafted) Tier 4 weapons, three Armored Characters, and 75,000 Character Points. From there, it’s up to players to generate tons of data and feedback. Each following week will bump the tier to the next level.

Weapons Weekly begins Thursday, March 20 and continues for three weeks. Can’t wait to see the from players and the information from the mined data. Perhaps we’ll get our hands on it to compare if the theorycrafting was correct…?