Defiance Adds to Customization With Modular Weapons

Customization in video games, RPG or MMOGs in particular, isn’t an unexpected feature. Gamers are used to designing their character, acquiring a variety of flashy loot, and, nowadays, being able to make changes on formerly permanent decisions. Defiance players can expect the expected, donning themselves in a variety of gear, facial selects and the like. But as the latest trailer for the open world shooter points out there’s another aspect Trion Worlds hope players fall for, weapon modification.

The ‘Unique Weapon and Modifications Trailer’ follows the standard Defiance drop, providing little in the way on concrete details. The flash production does showcase the wide variety of weaponry available and hints at how it can be tweaked to personal preferences. While not in the range of the “bazillion” options of Borderlands 2, Defiance will offer players “thousands of options” at launch.

Defiance servers goes live April 2 and premieres on Syfy on April 15. Hit the cut to catch the short trailer.