Details of Seasonal MMOG Events In One Conveinant Place (Seasonal Event)

There’s a good chance that you don’t play every MMOG currently available. Actually, we’ll guarantee that. As much as you may want to play them all, this means that you can only be bothered by select seasonal events. Well, if you ever wanted to see if the grass was greener in some other games, the best way to juggle multiple festivities or simply interested in seeing what’s out there a new post on Massively has you covered.

The latest update to the venerable MMOG site has collected the basic details, including activities and dates, for the ongoing and upcoming winter events. Whether you play large titles like Guild Wars 2, RIFT or World of Warcraft, free-to-play games such as Dungeons & Dragons Online or Star Trek Online or old or lesser known gems like Dark Age of Camelot or RuneScape, the massive post is the place to go.

It’s likely to be updated as more information comes. There are a couple of missing festivities, such as Aion, Wizard 101 and Final Fantasy XI.