Lord of the Rings Online – Update 9: Against the Shadow Live

Turbine Entertainment has pushed its latest update to Lord of the Rings Online live earlier today. Update 9 contains the first part of the delayed Riders of Rohan instance pack, Road to Erebor. The latest instance pack sees adventurers tackling spiders, goblins and stone giants in three separate three-man instances.

Against the Shadow reintroduces two major aspects of old content, Dol Guldur of Mirkwood and the second revamp to Moria. All five Dol Guldur instances have been retuned for level 85 and retuning for a full fellowship. Moria has seen four of its zones retuned as well, complete with revamped questing.

The latest update comes on the heels of  The Hobbit’s opening weekend. Coincidence? Probably not, but no direct tie either. Hit the jump for screenshots from today’s update.