Diablo 3: Diary of Torak the Barbarian, pg 5 pt. 1

Warning: The Diary of Torak posts are roleplaying posts and will likely contain spoilers.  If you don’t want your campaign potentially spoiled, please play the game first then return see Torak’s adventure unfold. You have been warned.

After helping Headrig put his wife to rest and receiving the reforged crown in return, I went to Deckard to tell him the news. Deckard Cain was pleased, telling me that with this crown I can unlock the sealed door in the room where I rescued Deckard. According to the scholar, behind this door would lay the Royal Crypts containing the Skeleton King. Cain informed me that when I found him I needed to place the crown on top of the is head, bringing him to life…only to destroy him. It was the only way to acquire the Fallen Star. As I turned toward my new assignment Cain detailed that the way inside the Cathedral was filled with more monstrosities. Nothing I wasn’t used to yet or my two-hander couldn’t handle.

My search inside the Cathedral found a warrior that was being kept captive by what looked like cultists Stupidly, he screamed for help alerting the cultists to my presence. The several cultists continued the incantation while the rest turned their demonic words towards me. I can only imagine what would have happened to him if I didn’t intervene. Luck for him, only my imagination will ever know. When I freed him he was happy to be able to continue his mission.

I asked him what his name was but he wouldn’t tell me yet, not until I helped him find the gear that was stolen from him by the deceased cultists. Now, I didn’t mind helping him as long as it was in the direction that I was going. When we were walking the corridors of this cathedral the warrior asked me what I was doing in this infernal place. I was wondering if I should tell him why I was here since he didn’t tell me about himself either. I decided I would tell him though, it’s better to trust each other in this area. I informed him I was here for the Skeleton King. Oddly, he was here for that as well. We eventually found his gear that was tucked away in some dainty old chest. The warrior told me that his name was Kormac, a warrior of a Templar Order. He added to the knowledge Cain bestowed upon me, if I truly did seek the Skeleton King I would need to fight my way past Jondar. There was no reason for us to hunt alone. If his story of being a Templar was true, I knew he could be trusted as a brother in arms.

We walked past the crater, Kormac seemed in awe, wondering what could have made this pock mark in the earth. In our search for the Skeleton King we came across a barrier of black magic. Kormac laid waste to the obstruction with one quick strike bringing us face-to-face with Jondar. Kormac questioned Jondar, stating that he was a Templar once, how could he succumb to the Coven. Jondar told Kormac that the Coven was his brotherhood now. That it’s powers would soon rule this world.  After a quick skirmish we defeated Jondar.

Jondar begged for forgiveness, that his vision was clouded by the Coven’s evil magic. Kormac told Jondar that the betrayal can never be forgiven, ignoring his pleas of abduction. He thanked me for my aid in dispatching the turncoat in his ranks and promised that he would now go with me on my hunt for the Skeleton King on one condition; that any Sacred Tomes of his order discovered would be his. I quickly agreed. Seeing his combat strength I figured he would be a powerful ally and worth the cost of those tomes. He took charge that we should now go onwards to defeat the Skeleton King…