World of Warplanes Scrapped Initial WoT-based Design, makers of the decidedly not-fantasy World of Tanks, has been blitzing its community with new information on World of Warplanes. In an interview with Lore Hound earlier this year, CEO Victor Kislyi detailed how “World of Warplanes is not World of Tanks in the air,” but according to the most recent development blog, it was originally conceived as exactly that.
The third dev diary reveals that the capture-and-hold mentality of WoT was scrapped during playtesting for being awkward and, frankly, not fun. The nature of aerial combat made the mechanic jarring forcing the company to scrap the idea and develop a gameplay mechanic more suitable to near-jet dogfighting, air superiority. A staple in earlier wars and skirmishes, and still desired in today’s modern warfare. Currently, games are won by destroying the opposing force or its key land objectives. Possessing the sky has become the name of the game.

Actually, it’s still called World of Warplanes, but you see what I am jiving at. Hit the jump for the dev diary to get educated on the about face design change and how you’ll advance as a pilot.