Diablo 3: Diary of Torak the Barbarian, pg 6

Warning: The Diary of Torak posts are roleplaying posts and will likely contain spoilers.  If you don’t want your campaign potentially spoiled, please play the game first then return see Torak’s adventure unfold. You have been warned.

After having found the Stranger, Deckard began his polite interrogation. The Stranger responded that the last things he remembered was him falling and fire. This made me wonder where the fire came from, unless he fell at such a huge speed he himself would’ve been on fire. He remembered a sword as well. A sword of great power, this sword was part of him, but during the fall it shattered into three pieces. Deckard made the inference that we should find these pieces and make the sword whole again. That this sword might be the artifact we need to restore the memory of this Stranger. Leah interjected, telling us that the resident goatmen have been rampaging through the fields. She wondered if the sword has anything to do with that. Deckard seemed to have put the puzzle pieces together as he immediately tells Leah that she might be right. After seeing my puzzled look he explained to me that the dead rose around the Stranger, if the sword is truly a part of him it might explain the goatmen suddenly driving them to madness. For me it made sense and gave me an excuse to try out my new equipment. I told them I would hunt these goatmen. Locating the sword seemed to be just a bonus to ending their terror.

Tracking these beasts was not difficult. Any localized destruction was there doing. In the end, I didn’t have to hunt very long. Before I even took ten steps I was attacked by the first group of goatmen, a scouting party, if the beasts were even that intelligent. I guess a warm welcome was not to be expected. The goatmen weren’t the only things trying to kill me in this field, the woodwraiths and even giant trees came after me. The whole area had become corrupted. To top it off, the goatmen found savage beasts, these bull like creatures charged me at full speed. But none of ’em was a challenge to me, the one that killed the Skeleton King.

After a little journey through the fields, I found the home of the goatmen, a cave with a familiar blue glow welcomed me. Behind the entrance of the cave there was a hole where the same blue light seemed to emanate. This light also emanated from the Stranger’s location. The light was likely coming from a piece of the sword. Only one way to find out.

Once I entered the cave I was greeted once more cultists. Every where I go they’re a thorn in my side. After slashing through them and the goatmen that aided them, I heard a voice yelling to hurry up with the ritual, that ‘Maghda’ would be here anytime. I turned a corner and to witness the group chanting over a piece of the sword. Without thinking, bloodlust came over me. The ritual could not be completed, not with the power of this blade as its conduit. I defeated them with relative ease but before I could get to the sword piece an image of a woman appeared before me. She asked me who I was to take what was hers. I told her that I was going to take this piece back to its owner. She didn’t seem to care, she told me that she has claimed this, that she was this Maghda, the leader of this coven. The shard was hers. I wasn’t going to let some witch walk over me and told her to go to hell or I’d happily deliver her. This piece was going to its owner. She didn’t liked that and told me the ‘games’ were going to begin. She summoned in more cultists. The odds had just changed. I dealt with them swiftly and the witch re-appeared, she praised my fighting skills but that I will never obtain the next piece for it has fallen where only the ancients may tread. After those words she disappeared and I was left with the sword piece.

Quietly and to myself, I thanked her for the clue.

After returning to New Tristram, I told Deckard and my other companions that Maghda was after the sword as well. Leah deduced that this Maghda and her cultists sound like the cultists her uncle has told her about. Deckard praised Leah for actually having paid attention to what he told her. He then put his attention to the Stranger and asked him if this jarred his memory at all. The Stranger shook his head and told us that he has no memory. The Stranger did have some input, that he sensed a far darker shadow guiding the group’s hand. I am starting to wonder if the Skeleton King was the only challenge I would meet…