LotRO: Riders of Rohan Live Today! Lore Hound Has You Covered [Update]

Turbine Entertainment has kicked Riders of Rohan out the door. Now live on servers, the fourth expansion to Lord of the Rings Online allows players to proceed to level 85, acquire level 85 legendary weapons, opens six new zones and is now available to Mac gamers. Turbine fully means “Riders,” as most of the zones are the plains of Rohan were players can ride steeds into combat, introducing an entirely new mode of combat to Middle-earth. The new combat comes with a handful of complimentary features, including open tapping, the warband mob type and remote looting.

Lore Hound has been sniffing around Turbine’s latest expansion since it was announced not too long ago. Hit the jump to catch all the news, including zone introductions, media dumps and a collection of developer interviews. Lastly, you’ll get the last media dump that Turbine provided to tease the launch.

See you on the plains.


Turbine just unveiled a launch trailer for Riders of Rohan. It’s been added to the post after the cut.