Digital Expansion Shadowmantle Brings New Features to Neverwinter

I’ve heard and read the same complaints about Perfect World Entertainment for awhile. Pay to win, no content, bleed for cash, over priced. There’s really nothing atypical of the general free-to-play genre. Since the company purchased Cryptic Studios, it seems to have been breaking that mold a bit as exemplified by the developer’s latest digital expansion for Neverwinter.

The second expansion adds numerous exciting features to the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons action-oriented MMORPG. First and foremost, the addition of the Hunter Ranger playable class, the title’s first ranged physical class. The exciting class switches between its combat modes using the Tab mechanic.

We’ll save the full description of the new class for the trailer below the cut. However, it’ll be fun to take it for a spin in the new Dread Ring zone, the expansion of the Paragon Paths for all classes and the introduction of Artifact items.

It’s all available in the world of Neverwinter thanks to today’s release of Module 2: Shadowmantle for Neverwinter. Check out the official trailer after the cut.