Duncan Jones Join WoW Live-action Film Project

Alright, fine, we know this is been in the making for years. Nearly far too long to bother with it until serious movement starts. But hey, this could be the start of said inertia. According to Toplessrobot, Duncan Jones, the director behind Moon and the more mainstream Source Code, has been attached to the unnamed Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. project.

Jones’ directing pedigree lies firmly in the realm of science fiction, making the choice a bit jarring at first. Without spoiling his work for you, there is at least one common theme in his filmography very applicable to gaming, yet unlikely to be implemented in a live-action World of Warcraft picture.

What continues to worry me more than a director is what Blizzard plans on doing/allowing to be done to the story. Will it be a new tangent on a current storyarc? Something new and original that’ll link to the game down the road? An open storyline as connected to the universe as Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within?



  1. Blizzard has stated previously that the movie will not take place within current lore. It’s going to be from the Alliance point of view, about 4-5 years prior to launch of Vanilla. The main characters will be new characters.
    I hope it’s its own storyline series completely separate from the rest of the lore, and NEVER mentioned or implemented in-game.

  2. Seems fair to believe that. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Perhaps with a director hard firm picked, it means that work will finally be going underway (meaning casting & more details) soon? They did have a very rough 60 pages script draft done around the last BlizzCon or shortly after, and that was what… 2 years ago? Something more has got to be closer to done.

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