SMITE Rolls into Version 0.1.1328.1 Adding Vulcan, the God of Lava and Smoke (Not the Spock Version)

Yesterday morning, we were hit with the latest SMITE patch, introducing the delayed (by only one week) god: Vulcan, God of Lava & Smoke.

This patch mostly introduces the new god, with some welcomed balance changes (Hercules nerf!), a new loading screen (as seen above) and bug changes.

I’m wondering if with each new god, they’ll change the loading screen to show them off. Makes sense with this change not having a static photo background like we used to have with Ole Zeus.

Hit the jump for the full patch notes and Vulcan’s official God Reveal trailer.

Passive (FORGE): Vulcan transfers 30% of his protections and 15% of his health to his turrets. In addition, when Vulcan is within 30ft of his own deployables they regen 3% of their health every second because of their proximity to the Forge.

BACKFIRE: Vulcan blasts a fireball out of his Forge, dealing 85/145/205/265/325 (+70% of your magical power) magical damage to all enemies in its path. The strength of the blast also knocks Vulcan 20ft back. Cost – 65/70/75/80/85 mana. Cooldown – 15s.

INFERNO CANNON: Vulcan constructs an Inferno Cannon that shoots fireballs in a cone that deal 65/100/135/170/205 (+20% of your magical power) magical damage to the target every second. The Inferno Cannon lasts until destroyed or another is placed. This inherits Vulcan’s penetrations but does not apply on-hit effects. Cost – 65/70/75/80/85 Mana. Cooldown – 15s.

THUMPER XVI: Vulcan constructs a Thumper XVI that deals 15/20/25/30/35 (+10% of your magical power) magical damage every second and slows enemies hit by 5/10/15/20/25%, increasing with Focus up to 35%, for 2s. The Thumper XVI lasts until destroyed or another is placed. This inherits Vulcan’s penetrations but does not apply on-hit effects. Cost – 70/75/80/85/90 Mana. Cooldown – 15s.

VOLCANIC OVERDRIVE: When Volcanic Overdrive is activated, Vulcan gains 15/20/25/30/35% movement speed and 10/20/30/40/50 protections. All of Vulcan’s structures fire 50% faster and gain massive regeneration. The Inferno Cannon also fires in a 360 radius and auto targets gods while under the effects of Volcanic Overdrive. Cost – 100 mana. Cooldown – 90s.

New Skins

  • Vulcan Ironsmith


  • Clan tags may now be up to 5 characters. Existing clans will have an opportunity to change their tag once without a cooldown period.
  • Players Level 1 to 5 now have their own “Novice” Conquest queue (similar to an earlier implementation in Closed Beta). Players above Level 5 cannot join this queue, and players Level 1 to 5 cannot join the normal Conquest queue, even in a party. Arena and Domination do not have these restrictions.
  • Four and Five-person teams are allowed to queue the normal Conquest queue; however, the
  • match-making logic has been changed to better ensure that teams of 4 and 5 play mostly with other large teams.
  • The login screen has undergone a visual makeover.
  • You can now view the profile of your friends and prospective friends from the FRIEND screen in the Social menu.
  • A better presentation has been implemented for swapping gods while in draft mode.
  • The Top Ranked Players listing now only shows players that have played a ranked match in the last 7 days. Previously it showed players that had played any type of match in the last 7 days (although your rating was still determined solely by your performance in Ranked Matches).
  • Fixed a bug in which the Stats link on the Team page was not working.
  • Fixed several conditions on the end of match lobby screen in which data was not populating correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in which Win status for some matches on the History screen was incorrect.
  • Several tweaks to the Solo Practice bot AI.
  • Fixed a bug with changing resolution.
  • Players can no longer rent or purchase gods in draft mode.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players from playing Ranked matches because of minimum required gods purchased.
  • Fixed issue in draft mode that your chosen god disappeared.
  • Fixed issue in EOML where your accolades were not represented correctly
  • Familiars (Vulcan’s turrets / Bastet’s cats / etc) now show with a minion icon on mini-map.
  • A player being damaged by a player pet now tags both the pet and the owning player as having recently attacked a player.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause database issues upon large numbers of concurrent logins.

Spectator Changes:

  • Added a new sync feature to keep spectators that are partied in sync with the party leader. This feature is designed to allow for live multicasting while still allowing spectators to manipulate time.
  • Improved the resiliency of spectator to minor network glitches.
  • Fixed an issue in which players would have an issue getting into a match after having spectated a match.
  • Fixed a crash-causing issue after rewinding.
  • Color blind colors no longer show when spectating.
  • Added an indicator to the minimap to represent the spectator’s location and rotation.
  • Fixed an issue where the timeline would display the time incorrectly when the match went over an hour.
  • Fixed issue with match invites not appearing after watching a demo recording

Jungle Camps:

  • Cooldown buff
  • +20 focus has been added to this buff.
  • Damage buff
  • +10 magical power and +5 physical power has been added to this buff.
  • Speed buff
  • +10% attack speed has been added to this buff.


  • Many items have had their Focus removed and some of the items have been repriced.

Bulwark of Hope

  • Shield duration has been reduced from 2s to 1s.

Death’s Toll

  • Passive now also restores 1.5 mana per hit with a basic attack.

Golden Bow

  • Radius of the additional damage has been increased from 10ft to 15ft.

Magi’s Blessing

  • The passive now absorbs an enemy spell every 30 seconds instead of every 45 seconds.

Vampiric Shroud

  • Base stats and passive has changed.
  • +10 Magical Power
  • +100 Health
  • +5 MP5
  • PASSIVE – Killing an enemy restores 10 health and mana.

Warlock’s Sash

  • Stacks now gain +2 health instead of +2 mana.

Boots of the Magi

  • Out of combat movement speed has been removed.
  • +12 Magical Penetration has been added to rank 3.

Reinforced Boots

  • Out of combat movement speed has been added to these boots.

Warrior Tabi

  • Out of combat movement speed has been removed.
  • +12 Physical Penetration has been added to rank 3.

Girdle of Might

  • Ability now also buffs magical and physical power by 10%.


  • After using this ability, you now gain 15 MP5 for 15 seconds.

Creeping Curse

  • Cooldown reduced from 150s to 120s.


  • This item now provides Focus.
  • The passive has changed from movement speed and attack speed to movement speed and focus.
  • Maximum number of stacks has been changed from 3 to 4.

Circlet of Focus

  • Item has changed significantly and is no longer a starter item.
  • Gives additional Focus on ability use.
  • Recommended items have replaced this item with Vampiric Shroud.



  • Shackles
  • Movement speed buff and debuff has been increased from 10% to 15%.
  • Focus contribution has been increased from .1% to .15% per Focus.


  • Irradiate
  • Damage has been increased from 40/55/70/85/100 to 50/70/90/110/130.
  • Magical power contribution has been increased from 30% to 35%.


  • Decay/Restoration
  • Cooldown has been increased from 10s to 12s.
  • Hinder/Cleanse and Repulse/Inspire
  • Cooldowns have been increased from 14/13/12/11/10s to 16/15/14/13/12s.


  • Mitigate Wounds
  • Cooldown has been increased from 12s to 17s.


  • Gungnir’s Might
  • The slow has been increased from 15% to 25% base.
  • Focus contribution on the slow has been increased from a max of 30% to 35%.
  • Ring of Spears
  • Base protection inside the ring has increased from 30 to 50.


  • Assassinate
  • No longer hits players that were not targeted.

I had a chance to try Vulcan in Arena, and I have to say, he’s definitely a harassment type of god. You’ll want to make sure to build him balanced between tank and dps, because you risk being useless from lack of damage, or survivability if you go too far one way or the other.

The Hercules nerf is welcomed, but I feel it’s too little. Granted, my personal design stance is not being able to do things (or do things often in the terms of long cooldowns) is generally unfun. Especially in a game where all you have is 4 abilities.

Has anyone else tried out Vulcan? How do you like his addition, or these balance changes to items / Gods(desses)?