Dungeon & Dragons Online’s Endless Night Festival Returns (October 25-November 4)

Okay, now this is just getting burdensome. The number of games that I play that are featuring Halloween events is approaching the ridiculous. And again, that’s just the games I play. There are likely dozens more promoting Halloween treats that I’m not fully aware of. But on I push.

Turbine Entertainment announced the return of the Endless Night Festival to the realm of Dungeons & Dragons Online. The third annual event will once again task players with putting the rest to dead, collecting tokens for themed prizes, enjoying ritual items and trouncing the ghouls that dare stir in Delera’s Graveyard. The collection runs aren’t simply for show, the Night-Trader is key to unlocking the second half of the adventure, the high-level (level 20-25) The Summoning Chamber.

Good luck finishing all your season distractions!

Hit the jump for fresh screenshots of the upcoming event and a list of in-store items.

  • Endless Night Festival Ethereal Key – Grants immediate access to the Summoning Chamber is unlocked
  • Night-Black Coffee – Use in Delera’s Graveyard to receive better than normal hit point and spell point regeneration, and to restore uses of bard songs and cleric turn undead attempts
  • Pumpkin Grenade – Target friends and strangers and force them to wear big pumpkins on their heads for several minutes
  • Skull Grenade – Target friends and strangers and force them to wear big skulls on their heads for several minutes
  • Potion of the Party Pooper – Remove and ward against pumpkin and skull grenades
  • Draught of Midnight – Earn Motes of Night to trade in for Festival rewards! Cause undead anywhere in the game to drop motes