E3 2012: Neverwinter Lore Unveiling

Yeah, it’s true, the vast majority of gamers know the basics of Dungeon & Dragons, but Cryptic Studios has begun to unveil exactly what’s going on in its version of Neverwinter. As touched upon in our most recent Neverwinter interview, the latest D&D MMORPG focuses on the Jewel in the North, Neverwinter. To entice the Lore Hounds out there, Perfect World Entertainment has released two lore trailers as part of its E3 media blitz.

The first trailer focuses on the nearby location of Vellosk peaks. Once under the protection and control of a local barbarian clan, the mountainous region has been taken over by warlords willing to trade power for the service of the barbarians. The second trailer is part two of a three part series focusing on the Siege of Neverwinter itself (part one here). Both trailers clock in at under two minutes apiece, so give them a gander after the break.