E3 2012: Dungeon & Dragons Online – Behind the Scenes of Menace of the Underdark

Turbine Entertainment continues to blow the lid of Menace of the Underdark giving gamers a peak behind the development curtain in the latest trailer released at E3 2012. The third part of the series opens with Fernando Paiz admitting that the addition of Forgotten Realms was one of the most common requests from the community.

Jeff De Puy discusses how much Underdark – a huge network of caves – was an immense undertaking in level design and technological improvements. After all, after playing corridor shooters for the past 15 years who wants to run through tight, barren corridors hour upon hour upon countless hour? Bioluminescent fungi, numerous lichen, massive two mile tall caves and other features will keep players from getting fatigued by the same textures. Barely shown, but talked about was the disconnected city of the drow in the Underdark envisioned by Turbine with support from Wizards of the Coast.

Check out the four minute behind-the-scenes video and the latest screen dump after the cut. Purple worms, drow, druids, water ladies and driders all make an appearance. Oh, and get this, a dragon will be encountered!