E3 2013: TERA F2P Conversion Helps Approach 2 Million Users

I know what you’re thinking, “What does En Masse Entertainment consider a user.” The company was kind enough to lay it out for us. The two million mark will be bestowed upon TERA in short order thanks to registered users, not active users. The upcoming milestone comes just over a month after TERA’s birthday celebration.

Apart from typical shenanigans, En Masse Entertainment is preparing a large collection of content for the upcoming summer months. General MMOG playing tends to decline during the warm timeframe, but that isn’t going to stop TERA. The first round of content comes July 2 and will be equally summer themed. Pirates are indicative of summer, right?

Who cares, it means a new 20 v 20 map, siege-based gameplay, new loot and an advanced matchmaking system. There’s also the barely detailed Alliance system which will retool the ambitious, yet faulted, Alliance system.