Erden Heights Gets Added to the Level Cap Roster in Amalos – A Minecraft MMO

Continuing with the schedule pace I’ve set of releasing dungeons for Amalos – A Minecraft MMO, here’s the third one: Erden Heights.

Erden Heights is one of four dungeons available only to level 30 players, with Crystallum Palace among them as well.

Here’s a brief description of the place:

Enclave for the lord of earth, Bhumi, the Erden Heights is home to more than just him.

Providing shelter for both the Queen of Tigers, Celestial, and the only known Ent, Bregalad, the Erden Heights is a feat of strength for even the most seasoned mountain climber.

Its peak is the highest point of Amalos; do you think you can reach the top and claim it for the People of Amalos?

The entrance to this place is a little more difficult to find than Crystallum Palace, or Sewer City Fight Club. Head North as much as possible out of Brestan City, and then follow the road east to the Forward Defense Camp. The mountain can be seen in the distance from there.

To see a list of bosses, and the lore behind Erden Heights, read on!

Being the more tempered of all the Elemental Lords, Bhumi is the least willing to wage war on the mortal races.

However, with the Fire Lord, Agnis, living right underneath him, he has little choice in the matter.

Bhumi, still reluctant, tries to undermine Agnis by giving safe haven to some inhabitants of Amalos such as the Queen of Tigers, Celestial, and the first Ent known to man, Bregalad.

As Agnis forced Earth elementals into battle with the mortals, the aggression of the heroes against them compelled Bhumi to continue regular fighting.

Only with a swift capture of Bhumi, dead or alive, will the conflict end.

This dungeon has 3 bosses, with a fair amount of trash groups in between. Celestial is the first boss you encounter, with Bregalad being the second. Bhumi is found alone in his cave near the core of the mountain.

Erden Heights is grouped up with Crystallum Palace, Agnis Depths, and the Arcadian Spire for level 30 players to receive the best loot in-game without raiding.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday with the release of Crypt of the Damned (Level 25-30)! Enjoy the screenshots!