RIFT Subscription Packages At Deep Discount Until End of March

I’ve been clambering for subscription-based MMOG publishers to investigate alternative subscription rates for years. Not just because of the recent “external” pressure from the popularity of the free-to-play model. That’s a more recent occurrence. Even before the new (and exciting) business model began encroaching on the juvenile market, I was suggesting that smaller developers experiment with price points lower than the norm.

The Fallen Earth and Champions Online pedigree, for all their collective innovations, simply could not compete with World of Warcraft or even Warhammer Online on the AAA front. However, I felt, and still do feel, that these titles would act as a fantastic second-in-command at a lower monthly price point. Trion Worlds isn’t going that far with its latest RIFT promotion, but it’s awfully close.

For the next few days, those looking to ascend can do so at amazing rates. As low as $8.25 per month, or a slim $99.00 per year. That’s a lock in rate, not a super special, born on this day die on this, ping-pong ball bingo drop rate. That $99.00 rate will be “billed every year” and entitle purchasers to the “Veteran Rewards” program; a great promotion on its own. Other packages, for three and six months at $12.29/month and $10.29/month, are also available at 18% and 31% discounts compared to the 45% savings from above.

Launched just over a year ago, Trion Worlds has delivered seven large updates, with the title seeing its eighth, v1.8, coming just around the corner.

For more information, head to your Account Management page. Get it while it’s hot. The deal ends when March does.