Exclusive Interview: An In-depth Look at Neverwinter’s User Generated Content System

Systems Designer Lindsay Haven walked iTZKooPA through the Foundry system in Neverwinter. First introduced in Star Trek Online, Cryptic Studios is employing a customized and updated Foundry for players to create their own adventures in Neverwinter. Applicable, given how mod friendly and community supported the previous Neverwinter titles were.

After delivering a quick demonstration of quest construction and instance building, Lindsay goes into further details surrounding the unique feature. Authors will be limited in the amount of content they can create. However, the rating system will enable players to suss out the drivel from the gems. In doing so, those with a high average of gems will unlock additional room for content.

Hit the jump to find out about monetization of the system, monetary rewards for quality creators, further restrictions and when to realize your dream of being the ultimate GM.