Exclusive Interview: Game of Thrones Ascent Selling MMO Players on a Facebook Game

Basically, are you of the Lannister mentality or the steadfast honor of a Stark?

Be forewarned, the interviewer of this video is an immense nerd. An avid reader of all literature and avid player of nearly any video game, platform agnostic, the nerd reached his maximum threshold at the combination of a video game meshing MMOG and strategy elements with the deep, character driven universe of the A Song of Fire and Ice series (Game of Thrones to the HBO nuts).

To say “That escalated quickly” would be an understatement of iTZKooPA’s unbridled excitement.

Upon a less-than-professional recovery, Product Manager Scott Triola begins the arduous task of selling a Facebook game to a serial MMO player. Diving into the connected story, deep RPG components including skill trees and moral choices and city-building aspects are sure to draw in gamers. While a deep connection to the on-going HBO series, including weekly updates as Season 3 progresses, should sell those purely interested in consuming everything and anything Game of Thrones.

Hit the jump for the full interview complete with in-game screens, concept art and a camera angle that makes the talking heads appear to be giants from beyond The Wall.