Wargaming.net Announces First Mobile Game – World of Tanks Blitz

Fancy taking the strategic depths of World of Tanks with you on the go? Wargaming.net thought so and is aiming to please by expanding the WoT franchise to mobile devices with World of Tanks Blitz. Seems the buying spree is paying off.

Exactly when will the warmachines of the US, USSR and Germany will be rolling to iOS and Android devices is anyone’s guess. Wargaming.net did not provide any timeframe for the PC-inspired title.

We do know that the game will remain free-to-play, engage players in 7-on-7 battles, feature a more cartoony art style and will feature gameplay built completely for the mobile platforms (including lacking artillery. Dmitry Yudo mentioned on the Overlord Blog that the title may connect to World of Tanks proper, sharing credits and XP.

Hit the jump for a bevvy of screenshots for the mobile title.