Exclusive Interview: Jack Emmert on Neverwinter Endgame, Raiding, Guilds, Crafting & Gauntlgrym

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios gave the Lore Hound community a perfect opportunity to follow up on the recently-published exclusive interview with Cryptic Studios CEO Jack Emmert. The in-depth interview opened up nearly as many questions as it answered so Lore Hound bit at the chance to elaborate on select responses or dive into completely new topics.

Jack and iTZKooPA cover a wide variety of topics in the PAX East 2013 interview. R.A. Salvatore and his novels come into play. There’s prodding on what to expect the Neverwinter gameplay to be like. This led to further prodding revealing the first details on raiding and multiple-party events. Every time Jack zigged, iTZKooPA zagged for more. Guilds, the endgame PvP/PvE zone of Gauntlgrym, and premium classes are all on the docket after the cut.