Exclusive Video Interview: Defiance Synergy & Lore Creation

The mash-up of games and television shows or movies don’t have the greatest track record. A history of stinkers would be putting it nicely. By completely reinventing the production process of a TV show and video game, teaching each other how it’s done in their world, Trion Worlds and Syfy are attempting an entirely new type of intellectual property with Defiance. A persistent world with a deep character narrative delivered week-to-week.

Nicholas Beliaeff and iTZKooPA took some time out of Gamescom to elaborate on the backstory before getting into the meat and potatoes of the joint venture, synergy. Beliaeff gives an early example of how a player/viewer will have a different take on the franchise than someone that absorbs only one avenue of Defiance.

Hit the jump for the full interview, including a description of one such synergistic plot line, what players will be doing in the game and why PvP is acceptable in the universe. Stay tuned for another video interview focusing on the competitive nature of Defiance.