Exclusive Video Interview: The Large & Small PvP Aspects of Defiance

After civilization as we know it was destroyed by an alien civil war with a dash of human involvement, it’s a bit tough to survive. To make due in the world of Defiance people need to band together, help each other traverse the dangerous lands and cover each other’s back.

Given the constant barrage of incredibly valuable material falling from the sky or coming from the earth itself, the world is full of speculators. Yet, not the type willing to do their dirty work themselves. Enter player-controlled avatars and mercantile factions. Level Designer Tony Morton discusses the reason players will be doing battle in small scale instances and the massive open-world mayhem of Shadow War.

Behind the cut is the full interview detailing core PvP gameplay, how the frenetic battles will be controlled on multiple platforms and more on open-world competition.

Defiance is scheduled for release in April 2013.