Exclusive Video Interview: End of Nations Is Almost Upon Us

Just days ahead of the third Closed Beta test for End of Nations – September 7 until September 9 – iTZKooPA stood up with Chris Lena for an update on the MMORTS. Lena teased the new PvE map, Resource Hog, that players will be able to tackle during the upcoming CB3.

Resource Hog will see players, a few of them, doing battle with a massive end-game boss machine capable of unloading superweapons as its more basic weaponry upon a player’s pathetic army. To combat these godlike powers players will have to disable the arsenal before confronting the rolling armageddon.

iTZKooPA almost got a solid release window out of Lena before the senior producer shut him down. Lena coyly turned the direction back to the beta process, stating that the game will head to a live state once the company is happy with a beta feedback.

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