Prepare for the Storm – Rift Expansion Pre-orders Open

Storm Legion, RIFT‘s upcoming expansion, is now ¬†open for pre-orders. It’s being offered in several tiers, from the basic no frill $39.99 version to the super deluxe $69.99 version that comes with a variety of goodies including such things as game time, mounts, and personal teleporters. I’ll say one thing for Trion,¬†they sure know how to offer deals. I’ve almost been sucked in to give it a try a time or two.

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  1. Rift does seem rather on the hardy side. I expected it to wither away myself. That’s part of what keeps tempting me to give it another try. The beta bored me, but it’s still alive and kicking! so maybe I should take another look! :)

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