Exclusive Video Interview: The Imaginative World of Gameglobe

Square-Enix and Bigpoint are teaming up to present gamers with Gameglobe, a title that hopes to become the ultimate sandbox experience for gamers and non-games. Entirely run out of a browser (plus a small custom plug-in) Gameglobe is capable of running on a range of systems. The object of the game is to enjoy the creations of the community. From puzzles inspired by NiGHTS into Dreams… to platformers and the power of flight, the creativity is in the cumulative mind of the players.

That’s not to say Square-Enix and Bigpoint didn’t create anything. The development team has made this kind of freeform level design simple thanks to an advanced toolkit. It’s also rewarding, with your avatar receiving XP for not only playing and completing levels, but creating and receiving high marks on your personal output as well.

Chief Games Officer Khaled Helioui details this and so much more in a recent interview with iTZKooPA. Check out the introduction after the cut.