Exclusive Video Interview: World of Tanks Patch 8.0 – Physics, Lighting & Adaptive Camo

“If you play Tanks right now, you’ll notice that if two tanks crash into each other there’s kind of a big THUD and no give” says General Manager Jeremy Monroe. Fixing that physics issue is exactly what WarGaming.net has been working on for over a year and it is finally coming to pass in Patch v8.0. Monroe details other majors tech changes to the content patch, including the lighting and shadow system and the expansion of the camouflage system, in the latest interview with iTZKooPA.

Monroe and company recently announced a new expansion to the growing “World of” line, World of Tanks: Generals. The new property expands the World of Tanks pedigree to the real world with an in-house designed trading card game. With a digital version on the way as well, Generals may integrate fully into the upcoming WarGaming.net global account system.

Patch v8.0 is expected to come out at the end of September. Generals is expected in 2013. Hit the jump for the full details on Patch v8.0 and Generals including what platforms the TCG will be available for.

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