RaiderZ Open Beta to Begin in October, Founder’s Packs with Neverwinter Beta Access Unveiled

After a lengthy Closed Beta phase, Perfect World Entertainment is finally comfortable enough with its monster hunting MMORPG to push the game to Open Beta. RaiderZ will be heading to Open Beta testing on October 24. There’s been no details on the expected transition patch. Instead, PWE hit us with news of early adopter Founder’s packs.

PWE will be offering two distinct Founder’s packages, both including a Scroll of Heroes to maximize character progression from increasing XP and drop rates to reducing various costs and the Guardian’s Life Stone, awarding instant resurrection. The $9.99 Basic pack also includes an exclusive Breath of Artisan which increases the success of high level enchantments.

The biggest draw of the Elite pack for many is guaranteed access to the upcoming closed beta process of Neverwinter. Sweetening the deal for others is an included mount, costume items and the aforementioned Scroll of Heroes and Guardian’s Life Stone. The Elite pack is currently available for $29.99.

Check out all our RaiderZ coverage, including numerous interviews, zone introductions and recaps at the game’s official page.

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